The company, which is an entity derived from the Polish Federation Of Engineering Associations, focuses primarily on providing IT solutions for scientific and technical entities. Developed applications and tools, supporting operational and statutory activities, are the innovative nature of scientific activity.


The strategic objectives of the Company are :

  • providing leading technology solutions to support the association's activities
  • creating effective IT tools, where efficiency is measured by the quality factor to the cost of its production
  • Influencing the FSNT-NOT brand recognition
  • Influencing the increase in the SWTP brand recognition


In 2008 The Polish Federation of Engineering Associations NOT established an IT Section in its structure, with the task to develop the organizational model using electronic tools.

The same year, the Section developed a model of internal communication and implemented a pilot system of Internet access and communication services for associations, which were based in the Warsaw House of Technician.

In 2009, the Section implemented the Federation's internal communication system.

In 2010, due to the development of the Section and the continuous increase in the number of services provided, a decision was taken to increase employment. That year, for the first time, a registration tool for international technical conference organized by FSNT-NOT was developed, which has led to becoming a main provider of the IT services of "Congresses of Polish Technicians".

In 2012, the Section was faced with the need for significant investments in infrastructure and software. The lack of funding necessary for the development of the Section, has become the basis for initiating the search for alternative forms of further IT activity in FSNT-NOT. In March 2012, Kamil Wójcik, head of the Section, presented the proposal to establish the Company within FSNT-NOT, in which the employees would become shareholders together with FSNT-NOT. The business plan was to raise funds for the Company resulting from the final distribution of shares. Establishment of the company NOT Informatyka LTD. occurred in September 2012r.

From January 1, 2013. NOT Informatyka Company LTD. has officially started its activities by taking over the rights and obligations of the IT Section.

In 2013, thanks to involvement of the main shareholder - Kamil Wójcik, the Company made investments, modernizing the system infrastructure, which resulted in further development of the services provided. The same year, the Company developed and presented the concept of the system with the codename „FSNT-NOT Integrated Communication Platform ", which is now called "Public Communication System" (SKP).

Work on the first SKP implementation was launched in 2014 and the first test implementation, called, was released that same year, which eventually became the central communication tool for FSNT-NOT. As part of the implementation, the Company has integrated the FSNT-NOT Branch Offices in the Portal.

In October 2014 FSNT-NOT has entrusted the Company with the development of electronic tools for the meeting of European Federation of Technical Organizations-FEANI.

In 2015, the mechanisms of online application and the integration of electronic payment systems and the advertising system at the Portal were developed and created. In the same year the first contract was concluded with the partner from the financial sector - Bank for Environmental Protection S.A.

The portal, gathered around young Poles, who are interested in Polish technology and good condition of the Polish economy, became the foundation for establishing the Polish Association for the Advancement of Technology, which took place in the historic Presidential Room of the Warsaw House of Technician.

Year 2016 is the expansion of the solutions developed by the Company beyond the borders of Poland. Multiple implementations of tools developed by the Company, including the Public Communication System and NCONFERENCE, have increased the Company's market share. The solutions have been delivered for such entities as the Polish Federation of Associations of Real Estate Appraisers or the Polish State Railways S.A. Implementation has become a backdrop for 6 major technology conferences in Poland. In the same year relations with entities from Belgium and Japan were established


Polish Federation of Engineering Associations

owned shares – 29%

Federation, as a community of Scientific and Technical Associations, represents the technical community, integrates Polish technicians and engineers, works to strengthen the role of the technical society: contributors to civilization progress and sustainable development.

FSNT-NOT is a 180-year-old organization (since 1835, when the Polytechnic Society of Poland was founded in Paris), a federation of engineers and technicians, with the number of 39 scientific and technical associations of approximately 100,000 individual members. As a group operating under the rules applicable to third sector operators, it conducts several thousand of training sessions each year for about 800 thousand customers. It is a member of 46 international engineering organizations, confers the title of European Engineer and participate in raising qualification programs as required by the European Union. Its structure includes 47 Local Branch Offices, which support the innovation of the Polish economy throughout the country, especially in the sector of small and medium enterprises. It is an entity that has successfully implemented one of the largest programs supporting innovative solutions - the Targeted Projects. It is the organizer of the oldest and most recognized technical competition in Poland - the Technical Knowledge Olympiad. Engages in supporting young people in their pursuit of developing their own skills in the technical field.

Kamil Wójcik
the idea man
owned shares – 71%

He graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology with a degree in "Electrical Power Engineering" and "IT Resource Management" and the University of Lodz in the field of "Implementation of Innovative Projects". Pedagogue, educating young people in the fields of information technology and telecommunications. Experienced manager with experience in cooperation with Polish and foreign entities. Awarded multiple times for achievements in the fields of entrepreneurship.

He has been involved in IT since 2000.
In 2001 he was responsible for the technical area of the first Polish cinema publishing process in internet portals, and the developed mechanisms were successfully used until 2004.
In 2004, he developed systems for accessing the Internet via the television network, which resulted in the implementation of Internet access services via cable television in Krakow, Tarczyn, Suchedniów, Drzewice and Pionki in the years 2004-2006.
In 2006, he started working for FSNT-NOT, engaging his expertise in IT and project management. As part of the "Technology Platform Incubator" he initiated a project to develop and implement a common communication platform for FSNT-NOT.
As a result of the activities carried out for FSNT-NOT, in 2009 he was appointed as the Representative of the Management Board of FSNT-NOT in the field of IT

In parallel with the social activity, in 2008 he developed one of the first public opinion polls in Poland, the construction which was financed from public funds, as part of the Innovative Economy Operational Program implemented in 2008-2012. Within the project, in the years 2008-2015 he was a manager of 3Stylers company, set up to implement the project.
In 2012, he presented the FSNT-NOT Management Board with a project to distinguish the IT entity from the FSNT-NOT structure, which was approved. From the day of setting up the NOT Informatyka Company in 2012 he is the President of the Management Board and is directly responsible for its development.
In the years 2012-2016 engaged in parallel in the banking sector. He has developed innovative solutions that combine the banking and the social sectors. He was an expert and manager at Bank for Environmental Protection S.A. For his IT operations in the banking sector he was nominated for the Remigius Kaszubski award, awarded by the Association of Polish Banks.

He is the initiator of the creation and a founding member of the Polish Technology Support Association (SWTP). Elected unanimously at the founding meeting, serves as President of the SWTP.
Since December 2016 he is the Vice President of the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations responsible for the development of technology and the promotion of activities carried out by the Federation.