Product description

Virtual Meeting System (VMS) implemented by the Company is a professional tool for organizing online meetings.

Our software permits an intuitive, simple and fast creation of sessions, granting a voice, working in subgroups, sharing a whiteboard, recording sessions and voting. It also provides a reach set of features necessary to perform everyday tasks in company that requires audio-visual electronic communication. The user is provided as part of the service with electronic rooms for holding meetings and events. In order to organize events, the user is offered a wide range of access options ranging from a simple link to a meeting to an advanced mechanism of personalized access codes for paid events. The system is an excellent tool, recognized by many respected institutions both in Poland and abroad. It provides valuable support in the comprehensive management of company structures.

VMS is also one of the highest security levels in the legal layer. Sensitive data are processed in the information processing centres of NOT Informatyka and each concluded agreement contains provisions on content and data protection in accordance with the rights applicable in the European Union.

Technical data

High Media Quality

High quality image and an excellent quality of sound supported by real-time codecs without simulating transmission in case of communication loss


Features that allow content and media sharing, dividing into subgroups, whiteboard sharing, screen sharing and much more


Possibility to write by means of public and private chat and to create common notes


Module for creating surveys and voting with an option to export results


Feature that allows for recording and sharing of the meeting


Module that generates a one-time unique code for the participant, which allows for the unambiguous identification of non-logged users